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Vintage button turned into a pendant with vintage bronze wire, and a labradorite bead!

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This weekend I was told a story which, although I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, because holy shit is it ever obvious, is kind of blowing my mind.

A friend of a friend won a free consultation with Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear, and she was very excited, because she has a plus-size body, and…

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Pendant made by me! I chose the name ‘Vial of Ether’ because the drop of rainbow nestled in the bronze wire reminded me of a thick glass vial with some strange magical liquid stored inside it.

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I Read So Hard Last Night…

It should be stated clearly so that all future generations will know: I fucking love Sword of Truth.  I’m not a die-hard book nerd, I don’t read nearly as much as I want to; when it comes to these books, though, I’m fairly sure I would get into fistfights if someone were thick enough to come between me and my Goodkind.

I just picked up the latest book in the Sword of Truth series (book 13 I believe), and I’m already halfway through it.  Something about Goodkinds writing style completely traps me.  It helps that I love the female lead, Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell (for those of you playing along, me having love for a female character probably means I want to BE her).  

I was talking to a co-worker of mine, and regaling her with the immensely interesting tale of how I read the last two books, Chainfire and Confessor, in two days, and after I was done I couldn’t see straight.

She pointed out that most people would say ‘man…I partied so hard for two days I couldn’t see straight!’ but not me.  ’I read so hard I couldn’t see straight’, because that’s the kind of lady I am.   Nerdy until it hurts.  Of course then I made fun of the fact that she’s dating the security guard at the mall we work at, because everyone knows that if someone points out something strange about you, it gives you complete and absolute power to do the same.  

Regardless, her observation was completely accurate.  I am one of the least ‘party’ types you will ever meet; I’d take a book hangover over a booze hangover any day of the week.

Mine has a much more preferable vomit-to-non-vomit ratio, anyway.


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Cute tiny piggy plays a tiny piano!
I won’t make a habit of posting videos, but this one was too perfect.

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My Strange Obsession with Elves

Most of these start out with a vague reference to ‘all of my friends know ____ about me’ or something similar, and apparently this is no exception.  I have a massive nerd-girl-boner for Elves.  It started with Arwen from the LOTR movies, got worse when I made my Night Elf in World of Warcraft, and ever since I have played an Elf or Elf-like character in D&D (Eladrin and Half-Elf to be specific).

Seriously, Arwen was the epitomy of magical feminine grace; as a woman who has always been less than graceful, it was likely a combination of seething jealousy and I-want-to-be-you geek worship.  Some people have mistaken my admiration for hidden lesbian leanings, but I am always quick to clarify: I do not want to have crazy lesbian sex-shenanigans with Arwen or Galadriel or any other dainty Elven ladies.  I would MUCH rather steal all their clothes and jewelry and prance around a magical forest all day pretending to cast spells and ride around on unicorns.  Any girl who says they wouldn’t want to at LEAST ride around on a unicorn all day is either soulless or a liar. I can understand not wanting to have long flowing gowns and Elven jewelry hanging all over you, but not wanting a unicorn would be lunacy.

 On second thought, I can’t understand not wanting the wardrobe either.


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I love you Doctor Who

Even if your first incarnation is lovingly nicknamed ‘Doctor Douchebag’ by all of my friends.

Everyone I know is well aware that my favourite show is the new Doctor Who.  For the uninitiated, Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi series in the world.  It began in 1963 in the UK, and ended in 1989. It was picked up again in 2005, with a new Doctor (Eccleston), and a new companion, played by British Pop Star Billie Piper.  For many fans, though, the series didn’t REALLY make them fall in love until David Tennant took over.

Tennant is a brilliant actor and a huge Doctor Who fan.  It came through in his performance, and he was incredibly fun to watch.  Although I do LOVE Matt Smiths performance, I still go back and watch some of my favourite Tennant episodes (Partners in Crime and the Runaway Bride mainly…is it painfully obvious Donna is my favourite companion?).

I have recently begun a journey to the beginning of Doctor Who.  It’s surreal to see the very very start of the Daleks, although I’ve been told their origin has been retcon’d more than a few times.  It is also strange to see the Doctor begin as an old man, as I am more than used to him as a younger man running around.  Regardless of how he was when he started, how the budget was, or how dated the effects are, I’m still watching them with an alarmingly quick pace.  

The only problem now is getting my hands on new stories before I’ve finished with the last one, and dealing with the episodes that are gone forever!

Tree of Life Pendant! Click the pic for my tutorial! 

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Tree of Life Pendant! Click the pic for my tutorial!

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Wow there is a LOT of cross over between Doctor Who and Harry Potter!

Wow there is a LOT of cross over between Doctor Who and Harry Potter!



I love you Captain Jack.  Your handsomeness continues to defy logic!

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